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What is Your Path to Vibrant Health?

 Do you need a guide to help you find your way?

Take control of your life and your health now!

Medical and insurance groups talk a lot about preventative medicine and diet and exercise are the buzz words. You are what you eat may be an old idea. Still, its no less true today than it ever was. Truly, the path to vibrant health begins at your meal table. Do you want to prevent the diseases of aging, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s? Do you want to feel well now, pain-free, energetic, clear-headed? I can help. Visit my blog and join my discussion. Call me to learn how I can help you through professional combination of counseling and nutrition.

Explore this website and let me introduce myself and my services.

I help people discover better health.

Please read the About Me page to see my story and credentials.

On my blog find articles and essays on nutrition and health research. I’ll cover topics like gluten sensitivity, blood sugar problems, inflammation, and aging. I hope to help you be healthier. Soaring medical costs are one of the things ruining our economy. We spend more than any country in the world yet we are 37th in terms of population health. Let’s bring down national medical costs one person at a time.

Gluten Free In Portland tells about my group therapy that introduces people to gluten-free living. Do you think living gluten-free is difficult or even impossible. My Gluten-Free group can provide support and the information you need to help you free yourself from the problems caused by gluten.

The Services Page describes my other counseling services, my office schedule, and fees.

If, by chance, I’m unable to meet your needs, I encourage you to learn more about my colleagues at Wise Counsel & Comfort in Portland. All of us share a commitment to integrity, professionalism and making counseling affordable for all.

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